Dulce beso, a proudly Mexican bakery in Sydney!

Our Mexican heritage is the main ingredient of our delicious, sweet bread with a distinctive homemade taste. We aim to share with you part of our traditions, our passion for baking Mexican flavours, and all of this in a single bite of our creations.

The idea of Dulce Beso was created several years before “making the dream came true,”.The initial idea came up back in Mexico, where the baking heritage sparkled in Shaiba (a.k.a Lucy) the passion for baking cakes and buns for her family. She enjoyed pampered her family with delicious cakes, and for many years she had the idea of having a bakery.


In 2018, she travelled to Sydney to find her way, exploring herself and trying to make the most of her skills. She knew that she wanted to create something, but she was not sure until “life pushed her a little bit,” and her sister, who has been fan number one of her creations.


So, It was during COVID 19 time when she decided to take the plunge and started to share her homemade buns and cakes with more people besides her family and friends, not only because she wanted to share a piece of cake, but also because it was part of her heritage and her country.

Dulce beso represents what is memorable, full of feelings, and flavours that take you back home. This represents a part of her Mexican traditions from her childhood when in Grannie’s house she used to dip a homemade sweet bread in a hot chocolate or even when she used to get “penguin cupcakes” and share with her cousins.

Every single creation has come with family history and a passion for sharing a piece of lovely memories with bread and cakes made at home.

How does it work? Dulce Beso tries to bring a special menu each month with some of the well-known favorites  and deliver fortnightly on Sundays.